HIGH ALPINE GENETICS – Green Lighting (10+ FEMS)


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Green Lighting (Chardonnay x Haute Sauce)
This is a Chardonnay once again pheno hunted by Shakti Hemp. She produces large branches and bulbous shaped buds.The pollen donor is a highly stable cherry blossom f1 cut which i pheno hunted from seed. This cut is the most stable in my line up to date. The terpenes of this lady range from caramel to fresh tires. The Special Sauce x Otto II was created from a 38 -1 Purple Otto II Male from Oregon CBDs first and only year of open sourced seed. This Haute Sauce female gives off aromas of fresh grapefruit and hints pineapple; she is built like Otto II and has an extreme distaste for thc,touting a ratio of at least 35:1


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