NIGHT OWL GENETICS – Vacation Bubba (3 FEMS)


  • (Pre 98 Episode 1 F3 x Mango Isle F1)
  • Includes 3 Fems

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Welcome to the first iteration of my Bubba Kush auto work, Pre 98 Episode 1!

This project started back in 2016 while I was living with Ronin Gardens. I had acquired quite a few stellar clone only varieties while in Colorado and the Bubba Kush was no exception! She was short and thick with super dense nugs, swollen calyxes, and dark dank smells that the Pre 98 had become synonymous with over the years. Everything about her seemed special from the get go, but the effects are what really sealed the deal for our long term plans together. Since I was already quite familiar with the Auto Skywalker and enjoyed everything about it I decided to use it to lay the autoflowering foundation for this project. Fun fact, the same Auto Skywalker male was used to create the Wizard’s Apprentice (Cheech Wizard from Bodhi Seeds x Auto Skywalker) and Pre 98 Episode 1!

The F1 were consistently Bubba dominant plants. Short and stocky, fat fan leaves, and extremely dense nugs covered in silver resin that put out those famous scents that the Pre 98 is known for, with an added layer of earthy OG from the Skywalker. Since they were all so visually similar and the smells were on point, I pollinated multiple females and selected the next generation after a thorough smoke test. The flower with the most sedative effects was selected and used to move on with the F2 generation.

(Pre 98 Episode 1 F3 x Mango Isle F1)

50/50 Sativa/Indica

75-85 Days from Sprout

2-4 ounce average

3 Feminized Seeds

Expect large, stout plants with heavy yields of top shelf herb.  The combination of the P98 and Mango Isle has resulted in very unusual flavors that range from meaty skunked lime to creamy earthy spearmint.  There was one expression that had an acrid ammonia flavor that required extra determination to make it through a whole joint.  The flowers are sativa dominant in structure, very greasy spears with not much frost on the fan leaves, but plenty on the flowers themselves. Her affects across the board are a lovely hybrid, aiding in mental stimulation, clarity, and focus while providing a sense of physical soothing without weighing you down.  These make for awesome daytime smoke to stay sharp and feel great with!  The figures above are based upon my own experience and include transplanting from half gallon pots to five gallon pots.  I have not pushed them to their full potential and I fully anticipate seeing some higher yields from you guys.  Enjoy!


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