PURE BREEDING – Key Lime Cheese Cake (5F)


This Line is filled with monsters! The Hazelnut mom used in this cross is a legitimate beast, growing twice as fast as any other breeder cut we have. Once we flowered her out we knew we had something special! Her body stature is perfect to say the least, and she carries this really unique terpene profile that smells baked deserts!

This cross is going to be a favorite for everyone. She dominates indoors and outdoors and doesn’t hesitate to lay down some seriously beautiful flower. Rest assured this line will be something you may have in your garden for quite some time. The yields do well on this line and love plant training. The flower from these girls is connoisseur all day long.

Lineage: Hazelnut Creme x New England Rock Candy
Strain Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 8 To 9 Weeks
Flavors: Hazelnut Creme, lemon & Lime, Cream, Sugar

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