Snow High Seeds – Co-Co Loco (red & gold mexican colombian) (10R)


  1. CoCo LoCo: (RED & GOLD MEXICAN COLOMBIAN): (Acapulco Gold x Colombian Punto Rojo)


The Acapulco Gold in the Red & Gold Mexican Colombian is a preservation I created in 2012 using a Circa 68’ Acapulco Gold female with classic delicate floral clusters, smelling of honeysuckle, good to high resin production with long leaves which turn gold to white with maturity and red sap bleeding from stems and petioles. The male was from early 70’s stock, with green leaves which turned golden with maturity, the stems turn bright brick red and the male sepals turn golden upon maturity. This Acapulco gold preservation was saving the last of each of those lines to continue a pure Acapulco gold from that era. The Acapulco Gold Mexican used had traits of red and purple stems, high resin production with delicate floral clusters formed along the stems of an upright plant structure with alternating limbs.

The male was a Colombian Punto Rojo from the CBG collection given to me. The male had some red traits which come on late in flower approximately 3 months or 12 weeks in veg followed by weeks in a dark period with 13 & ½ hours of darkness per day. Some adjustments if growing indoors can be made if phenotypes lean more to the Colombian Punto Rojo side but many of the phenotypes will lean toward the Acapulco gold side which will speed up the flowering of the Red & Gold. If growing outdoors expect flowering to finish as early as November if leaning toward the Acapulco gold side with others ranging between December to January for finishing times outdoors or in greenhouses in a temperate climate. **Be aware that some intersex traits may pop up from the Acapulco Gold side as one test grow had shown slight intersex traits due to transplant stress and environment stress changing from a hotter dry climate to a cooler wetter climate.** **This can happen from any type of plant stress but should be noted before deciding to purchase**


This is not a strain for beginners or for people that don’t have patience and even then one should freshen up on what it takes to grow a strain that can take 12-16 weeks of flowering at least, sometimes 20 weeks or more. Please read up in the SnowHigh forums on how to grow from seed to flower for guidance and germination protocol. If you want something fast and easy this is not the strain for you. ** LIMITED RELEASE**


Flower time range 14-22 weeks

Stretch 1 to 2x

Resin production: low to moderate

Odor: 6

Aroma: Honey Suckle, honey, spice, clove, slightly astringent, Tobacco, Chocolate, cedar wood

Potency: 8

Pure Heirloom hybrid

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