TONYGREEN’S – Cat EYE (25+Regs)


Genetics: GG4 x GG4 Recombinant Inbred Line

Number of seeds in the pack:  20
Sex:  Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 63-70 days
Yield: Medium to heavy Connoisseur quality
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both


After a decade of inbreeding with Gorilla Bubble (GG4 x Sour Bubble) and the gift of Mycoteks Chem based GG4 Bx6 from Joesy Whales we were able to reach the point in our inbreeding where we could make the GG4 recombinant inbred line. Now we have crossed the most GG4 leaning male we have ever found to pollinate our GG4 clone. We are proud to bring you one of the finest seed lines known to man, producing true and perfect GG4 phenos from seed- reliably , and our tribute to Cat for her special place in our hearts, and her contributions to the history of GG4.

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