Contains 15 Regular Seeds

Waichin is a sub valley situated at a height of 2754 meters from sea level in the Malana valley. With a slightly colder temperature than Wailing or Nirang, it receives good rain-fall each year along with a bright mountain sun. It faces the forever snow-clad Devroopa mountain and is the first destination for the chilly winds coming from there.  Waichin is an emerging tourist destination and is undergoing major development by the locals, who are making guesthouses and shops over lands that were earlier cannabis fields. This is a major concern for the general cannabis population as a heavy influx of tourism could bring huge amounts of foreign genetics and attention from the government.

Native Temperature: 6°c to 23°c (summer) -25°c to 7°c (winters)

Flowering Time: 10-14 weeks

Yield: Medium – High

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