Druid Seeds:
The Druids have been at the cutting edge of CBD Breeding for the past 8 years. We
have brought some of the most legendary CBD genetics to the people. We have now
decided to release some of our favorite personal stashes to the public. We believe
that cannabis is medicine and have been practicing the healing arts with cannabis for
the past two decades. Please reach out to us if you need guidance in using our strains
for your wellness needs. We will be happy to guide you. Our unique terpene, flavanoid
and cannabanoid profiles have been lovingly crafted for maximum medical benefit.
Also they are great for a daily smoker who really enjoys the finer things. Our logo is
the AWEN. The three lines relate to earth, sea and air; body, mind and spirit; or love,
wisdom and truth. It is said that the awen stands for not simply inspiration, but for
inspiration of truth; without awen one cannot proclaim truth. The three foundations
of awen are the understanding of truth, the love of truth, and the maintaining of

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